Is it possible to eat absolutely delicious food without sabotaging all your hard work and effort?
Here, at Fuel My Life – it truly is.

We have spent countless hours crafting thoughtfully sourced, meticulously measured, and responsibly packaged meals. Every ingredient we used is intentional, so that you get the best nutrition per bite possible.

We believe that you should never have to sacrifice flavor and satisfaction for the pursuit of eating healthfully.

See how it can be - consuming food that fuels you, and delights you, all with the ease of fast food!

"Macro" is short for macronutrients, which are simply the main suppliers of nutrients in our food. You likely know them as protein, carbohydrates, and fat.  Consuming specific percentages of these macronutrients in the foods you eat will help you to learn how each type affects your unique body.

All of our foods come with accurate macronutrient breakdowns so you can make decisions about your health based on this all-important information. 

We know that there are few things more daunting than trying to track your food intake as a beginner. We've done it all for you, so that you can get a sense of how to create balanced meals that fuel you, without the stress and frustration of entering your data into a fitness tracker. Simply Quick Add our nutritional information into your diary, and you're good to go!

If you're simply looking to supplement your current diet with heat-and-eat meals on your schedule, just look for meals that intrigue you, and pop them into your cart!

If you're looking for a specific macro-balance, then you'll want to use our filtering system! All available meals will fit into one of the following categories: Low Carb, Low Fat, or Balanced. These meals are all clearly indicated as such, so you can filter them easily, and simplifying your shopping experience! 

When you’re ready, you can decide if you’d like to purchase meals week-to-week, or be more hands-off and sign up for a recurring subscription. Subscriptions will conveniently allow you to reorder the same meals, in the same quantity, determined by your budget and your needs. When you’re ready to make changes, simply log into your account and pause, edit, or cancel your subscription.  

All orders are due every Wednesday by 10pm for the week ahead! Please see the dates on the individual product pages to see when each meal is next available!

We source all of our ingredients as fresh and as close to home as possible. Receiving your orders five days before the order week begins ensures that your food can be sourced, made, and delivered with as much attention and care as possible!

Missed the deadline for next week? Bummer! Feel free to stop into Fit My Life gym and see what we have in our Grab & Go cooler! It's available to all!!

Choose what works best for you!!

All food can be picked up Monday through Friday, from 9am - 9pm, at either our commercial kitchen location (Center City Kitchen) at 767 Duell Rd. in Traverse City or at Fit My Life Training Center at 887 Lynch Dr. 

Your items will be labeled with your name and date, and you can retrieve them from the dedicated cooler in the vestibule of either location!

Delivery is also an option, if pick-up doesn't work for you! Simply contact to get set-up!

We'd like to think that all food is for everyone, but also recognize that everyone has specific tastes, and that some of us take a little more time to enjoy a diverse range of foods.


As parents, ourselves, it's a priority of ours to come up with kid-friendly meal items in the very near future, so keep an eye out!


That said? Check out our 'a la carte macros' page to discover how easy it is to pick up simply baked or grilled proteins, hearty sides of grain, and roasted vegetables, giving you an opportunity to build meals for any picky eaters you know! Just add their favorite sides or sauces at home!

We pride ourselves on being almost exclusively gluten- and soy-free! While we do have many dairy-free options, we do use a fair amount of greek yogurt and cheese in our meals. Feel free to filter items by your restrictions, and choose from there!


One important caveat is this - while we try very hard to prevent cross-contamination of any sort, please be advised that we do operate out of a shared community commercial kitchen, and as such, are unable to guarantee that our products are completely free of any allergen.


If you suffer from extreme allergies to particular food items, such as nuts or shellfish, we would recommend you take caution.

At Fuel My Life, we don’t just strive to make great food,
but to make great food with a purpose.

For questions or concerns, you may reach out to us by clicking the envelope icon at the bottom of this page!
We are here for you!

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Due to issues in the supply chain, related to COVID-19, you may notice fluctuations in pricing for some dishes. In an effort to continue providing the items you love most, we must adjust pricing from time to time, to account for rising costs. Thank you, as always, for your support. We appreciate you, and your business! 

Stay well!