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Build out meal ordering ecommerce site that functions in the following ways: 
  • Shop page
    • We do not want “subscription plan available” to be visible on the product archive grid in the SHOP. 
    • Users can buy one time or subscription items. User chooses subscription or one-time purchase, and that choice can be made on both the individual product page, and in cart review/editing mode. 
    • Force the grid rows to remain at a pre-configured vertical height so that action buttons are always aligned horizontally.  
  • Single Product Template(layout): 
    • There are reference graphics at the bottom of this post showing desired “sketch” layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile. 
    • For SIMPLE PRODUCTS calories, carbs, fat, protein need to pull dynamically from ACF already set up in the add/edit product panel. This is happening as is set-up now, but we want it displaying differently as evidenced in the reference graphic. 
    • The price, even if it’s a variable or subscription product, should always show(default to) the lowest price from the product choices. We do not want “subscription plan available” to display here. 
    • Product variations: 
      • We want the display for these variations to look and function as they do in the reference graphic. There are currently products in the system with either none, one or two variations, but no products with three or more variations. 
      • We need calories and macros(carbs, fat, protein) data to update as variations are selected. I imagine some custom ACF fields will need to be added to the variations add/edit mechanism in the product add/edit panel. But, I need your team to determine how to accomplish this. 
    • Quantity and pick-up days: User needs to be able to choose the quantity of this item that they want delivered and for which days of the week – Monday thru Friday as seen in the reference graphic. The display does not have to look the same as the reference graphic, but it must be clear what the user is to do when choosing. 
    • Subscribing: As currently configured, the radio button options are (o) None, (o) Every Wednesday. We want this changed(relabeled) to reflect what you see in the reference graphic. 
    • Please style the button to always display and scale as a rectangle, with the text on a single line, never wrapping to add height to the button. 
  • Cart page:
    • Remove default Woocommerce purple, and style colors to match rest of site.
    • Allow user to in-line edit variations, and quantity and day of week for each quantity selected. 
  • Checkout page:
    •  Remove default Woocommerce purple and blue, and style colors to match rest of site.  
  • Order received page: 
    • Ensure that product variables, quantities and day of week details are clearly visible in “Order details”.
    • Remove default Woocommerce purple, and style colors to match rest of site. 
  • We need a way to get a nutrition data wheel(pie chart) to display and update for each product and product variation and combination of variations. The desired display is evidenced in the reference graphic. Basically, the client would like the data to display just like it does with MyFitnessPal(MFP). All the meals created by the client are stored in MFP which has an open API. Data could pull and update directly from there or be pulled from ACF entries in the product database. 


Please order macros with protein first, instead of as shown in mocks: Grams of Protein: 30 | Fat: 60 | Carbs: 10