One on One Custom Coaching

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Here's our primary objectives

Mental Strength

Think about your goals. We'll talk in detail and devise a strategic plan to get you there!

Learning on the go

Don't focus on instant gratification. Think long term learning, that'll equal a lasting lifestyle change.

Fixing the mindset

Prepare for a shift in your mentality. Failure is no longer an option, but success most certainly is.

Improvements abound

Let's think about the small details. When we compile all of them they equal meaningful results that help keep you motivated.

Let's Rock

When you have proper guidance it's easy to build momentum and get on a roll. Let's do this!

Love your Health

Let's build habits that will not only improve how you look, but also improve your overall health markers.

Here's how it works

We’ll start with a face to face consultation to discuss all of the details regarding how the plan works, your current health status, and set your goals.  If you’re local we can meet in person or for locals and non-locals we can meet via a live video chat using skype or Facebook video messenger. You’ll receive more details when you sign up for your free consultation below.

Program Information

This program is 16 weeks in duration.   We will be learning appropriate dieting strategies for your specific goals.  No gimmicks or unnecessary products.

Data Tracking

We will be tracking the most relevant health data to help you figure out your body’s specific needs. This is all done through an easy to use mobile app.   

cost of program

The 16 week custom coaching program is only $600 and payments can be made in 4 monthly installments.  Now is the time to take your health back!

Here's what clients are saying

Gordon has helped me to change my relationship with food. I've never looked or felt better. Thank you so much.

Natalie Brown

After having children my weight just didn't come off as fast as it used to. My body had changed and Gordon helped me to figure it out.

Inga Everson

I never realized that I was doing so many little things wrong. Now I have the right info and will be at my goal in no time.

Mike Staff

Thanks to Gordon my ability to build muscle has improved dramatically and now I'm killing it on the volleyball court.

Jackie Holt

Contact us to get registered for your free consultation

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available from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Stay well!